Need some PH advice

  1. Need some PH advice

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to start a cycle of legal oral steroids and am having a hard time finding the information I need to get started. I already did a cycle of epistane a few months ago, but based on research I've done since then it appears as though I wasn't doing it correctly. I took Milk Thistle and Hawthorne Berry for 3 weeks prior to the cycle and continued taking them every day during the cycle. This is what my cycle consisted of:

    Epistane - 10, 20, 40, 40, 40

    Then after that was done

    Post cycle Support - 40, 20, 10, 10

    From the reading I've done since then I learned that Post cycle support isn't a PCT and I could have experienced test problems and sides from the way I did the "PCT." Luckily, I didn't but I don't want to make the same mistake again. Illegally obtaining Nolvadex (or Clomid) appears to be the only safe way to block estrogen buildup after a cycle (I think). Is it safe to purchase this chemical from online stores (I know better than to ask for a source)? I saw some websites offering Nolva as a research chem, which apparently isn't illegal. What is the consensus on that?

    Just to make sure I have the PCT right, I'm supposed to start Nolva on the last week of my steroid cycle and continue it for four weeks correct? I've also read in some places that I should take tribulus during the PCT to naturally restore my test to normal levels, is this something I should do as well?

    My next question has to do with which compounds I should use for my next cycle and in what doses. I took the epistane because I was told the gains stay with you. I gained about 3 lbs from the cycle, and looked leaner and bigger. Unfortunately, my strength barely increased. I doubt my strength gains would have been any different if I had just eaten a higher caloric surplus.

    I'm mostly interesting in strength gains, since I've been having trouble getting any stronger the last few years of training. I'm currently a 26 yo male, 190 lbs, training for 11 years. I'm not sure if I should take epistane (I still have a bottle left), sdrol, Super DMZ (which seems similar to sdrol), or some other compund.

    Most forums and articles I've read seem like advertisements for certain products of companies and I don't know what is correct. Thanks for the help guys!

  2. Yes man i will help u with that but how old are you ?

  3. 26 years old
    190 lbs

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