Test E + High Blood Pressure Situation

  1. Test E + High Blood Pressure Situation

    On my first cycle &
    So, I was at the doctor (on day 14 of test e, running 350mg a week, 1 shot per week). My blood pressure came up at 156/85, now I had been bulking before I started at 175 lbs and shot up to 210~ in about 3 months. I did it DIRTY a lot of 2fer applebee wings, a lot of fast food, and I basically stopped doing cardio all together.

    My question is, at 156 if I cut sodium/add cardio would it be realistic to lower it while on test, and should I stop the the test all together?

    I have a load of support supps that I frequently take regardless of cycle state.

  2. 14 days in on test e has had no effect of your blood pressure.

    You gained 35lbs of fat eating **** and have done no conditioning. Your rapid and excessive weight gain on ****ty food is what is causing your BP problems.

    Stop being a pig and get on the treadmill and if you are lucky once the test kicks in it won't skyrocket your BP.

  3. Thats more or less what i figured, I usually am on my cardio nice, no excuses i let it slip up for sure.

    You don't think i should get off and let it lower itself, condition a bit more and then start again in a few months?

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