Any OTC PCT for a Deca cyle?

  1. Any OTC PCT for a Deca cyle?

    Alright guys,I just started a Andro Mass/ Hard cycle and have everything on hand for PCT. When I was telling a freind about it he told me that hes on the tail end of an 8 week light Deca only cycle, I know nobody recomends a Deca only cycle!!! Anyway I asked what hes using for PCT and he gave me a blank look. So my question is, is there any over the counter or online PCT products that would be good after a light Deca cycle? I think he said he did 400 the first week, then 200 a week after that. I have Primordial Performace TRS and TCF-1 for my PCT, would this work for him, if not is there anything legally obtained that he could use? He looks like he did gain some size, nothing crazy, but noticable. Any ideas?

    I'm sure the comments will fly on this one, if so I'll print it out and show him!!!!!

  2. D-aspartic acid

    Run for 4 weeks. He'll probably be fine. Yeah, make sure to tell him he's an idiot for running it without Test and especially taking steroids without knowing what they do to the endocrine system.

  3. Thanks, and already layed into him!!!! Said he heard so many good things about Deca, and someone he knew did the same thing,love it!!!!

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