adding m5aa to a 1test/4ad stack

  1. adding m5aa to a 1test/4ad stack

    Hi, I am currently doing a 1ad/4derm stack which is going very well. I will be going for about 6 weeks then I have Novla for pct. My next stack next year I wanted to try 1/test/4ad and add m5aa preworkout for extra strength gains. Is this alright or should the m5aa be stacked with something else?

  2. It will be fine/good.

  3. That will be solid. You may have to do some experimenting w/ M5AA dosing, as it seems everyone responds differently. I started at 20mg/day p/w, then went up to 50 before I really felt it. I was running 4AD and 1-T t/d at the time and it was good, so I'm sure your cycle should work well.

  4. That will make a nice stack.

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