Whatever Happened to 4OHN?

  1. Whatever Happened to 4OHN?

    I wanted to run this transdermal in lieu of 19-nor or similar in between methyl cycles. It used to be available in raw powder, but with the advent of M4OHN, no one has it anymore, save "Oxabol," which looks underdosed, overpriced, and ineffective.

    Have any of you guys used straight 4OHN?

    Does anyone sell the raw powder anymore?

    I really want to get some of this.

  2. I don't know of anyone selling the raw powder anymore, but if you want to spend the money, L.I.F.E Research has the 4ohn-deca in solution I imagine that this would work quite well stacked with somehting like 1 test-cyp.

  3. Thanks--I think VPX has an "oral solution" that comes in 10ml increments, too. Yeah...I think if I was going to inject, I'd just go for something a little stronger, a little more proven, and a lot less legal!

    I was hoping to buy some powder and go transdermal.

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