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  1. Unhappy Cut stack help


    I am wanting to get an option my upcoming stack, I have used all of these products before except M4OHN.. Which one will be the best for cutting.



    How does these look or should I add something to them? I am also planning on a 4 day split and 3 days of cardio. Any suggestions will be greatly welcome..

  2. How about trying m4ohn with some sort of fat-loss agent (trimax, clen, etc).

  3. #2 is OK, but you could get away with just M4OHN even. I'd recommend either just M4OHN or 1-test with 4-AD, and no you will not instantly bloat up with an aromitizing agent if your diet and training is in check.

    Do NOT use two methyl's together please, even though many seem to love to do it with all the new 17-aa goodies out there, it is not a good idea for your liver's sake.

  4. i would go for #2 because it'll be a drier cycle and because i hate M1T sides.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cr4ytonic
    How about trying m4ohn with some sort of fat-loss agent (trimax, clen, etc).
    Some have said the trimax is a too powerful for m4ohn alone, and you may get more catabolism than you want. Although it may have had to with diet/training as well, but it's something to keep in mind.

  6. what about something like m4ohn+ a small dose of m1,4 + trimax?


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