what to test for when to check my HGH

  1. what to test for when to check my HGH

    if i want to test to see if the hgh i have is legit what do i test ? i have been told to test for igf -1 because hgh raises your igf -1 levels but then i was looking around on the blood work website and found an option for human growth hormone and its $10 cheaper then the igf -1 test . So which one should i test for?


  2. Get the one that test for most things. In ling run ull be able to see.all the changes induced by hgh

  3. IGF-1 is the best test. The HGH test isn't accurate because HGH levels spike and drop during the day. HGH is generally transient, while IGF-1 levels are more constant in relation to the level of HGH.
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