Removal of the P-stanz THP Ether Group

  1. Removal of the P-stanz THP Ether Group

    I suppose with theoretical questions like this, I'll get a theoretical answer, but I'll ask anyways

    I dose my stack (x-tren, havoc, and p-stanz) with peanut butter, fish oil, and my protein shake (which includes 2 cups of milk). My thought here is to dose with the naturally fatty foods in order to aid in absorption.

    Since the thp ether protecting group in P-stanz is removed by acid, would 2 cups of a basic liquid such as milk inhibit the removal of this group, and therefore, my body's absorption of the active stanozol? Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

  2. no, the stomac acid removes the thp ether group, the calcium in milk may decrease the acidity in the stomach some, but it probably wont protect the thp ether.

    the thp ether wouldn't be removed in the blood, it has a neutral ph, but im sure it would be removed somewhere else if it wasn't in the stomach, like maybe liver, or small intestines.

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