stunted shoulder growth

  1. stunted shoulder growth

    i've been reading a lot on skeletal growth lately and found out that the shoulders arent fully done growing till one is in their mid to late 20's. Do any of you that started taking gear or PH/DS around 18-21 have narrower shoulders than other men ( skeletal, not muscular). i have short of narrow shoulders and a pointy collarbone by the shoulder joint, im hoping that my shoulders get wider and the pointyness becomes less prominent.

  2. Eat more and that will go away.

  3. hahahah yep. thats the hardest part.

  4. my right shoulder is retarded and my left shoulder looks like a ball, i qualify
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  5. when I was 17 I broke the top of my humerous in half, and the top head that fits into the shoulder girdle, was dislocated and pushed up.

    so with that, i have some shoulder problems, as can bee seen in the size difference in my photos, esp my double bi back pose.

    because of that injury, i have a total messed up muscle growth, but, it can be fixed, with propper training.

    your shoulders can grow, with propper training.

  6. Haven't heard that before. Btw strong zyzz default pic

  7. I had a SLAP tear and a Bankart lesion on my left shoulder about a year or more ago. I trained it for many months with bands and eased into weights. The left side is somehow larger and stronger than the right now... ?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by codename_zeus View Post
    Haven't heard that before. Btw strong zyzz default pic
    zyzz was my idol so he is gonna be my permanent AM avi. as for the stunted shoulder growth, i'll try to provide some links but from my understanding is that steroids dont just stunt the growth of long bones but most of them, or all of them. To add to that, shoulders/clavicle area are the last to stop growing.

  9. i started using at 22, my shoulders are totally fcuked from playing hockey for 12 yrs tho so i cant really comment. they pop, crack, etc all the time. Ive been to phyical therapy but i did jack sh!t. Chiropractor, jack sh!t. I just deal with it. But they are not narrow. For how small my chest is i have pretty wide shoulders.

  10. steroids dont directly stunt bone growth, it is the increased estrogen that comes from them that stunt growth.

    using non aromatizable, androgenic compounds like methyl dht and adding growth hormone should prevent that. but if you are still growing, you shouldn't use steroids to begin with unless supervised by a doctor.

    but you should be able to put on size in your shoulders regardless.

  11. i have super narrow shoulders. my long long bones are done growing, but i dont think my shoulders are done. do you think if i use something like atd with something thats non aromatizable, then id be good? i dont have a connect for GH but im thinking of using igf-1 LR3


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