ip anadrol 50

  1. ip anadrol 50

    What do you guys think about it, i've heard that ip has a bad rep, but does anyone have experience with this one.

  2. I hear is drol is pretty much crap the only thing from him that is any good is his winny.

  3. does anyone disagree with dickwootton?

  4. I would have to be hard pressed to use his stuff, sorry I have heard to many stories about him. Some people say his var is good but I have also heard it was winny.

  5. thanks for the input guys.

  6. His D-Bol is just fine. You just have to chew them up.

  7. i used alot of his products and liked them. they may be a little underdosed, but for the price it is worth it to take a little more. the bad rap comes from some of his remailers.

  8. use primo labs stuff

  9. bigman420 check your pm

  10. I've heard afew bad things, well, alot of bad things about their stuff.. I do have a friend who pretty much lives on their anavar, winny, and drol.. I might give the winny a try..


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