hormone and neurotransmitter test results

  1. hormone and neurotransmitter test results

    neurotransmitter and hormone test results

    DHEA-218.6 (normal range)=41-578

    epinephrine-15 (normal range)=7-12

    norepinephrine-48.5 (normal range)=30-45

    dopamine-284.8 (normal range)=115-175

    dopac-608.8 (normal range)=790-1560

    serotonin-160.4 (normal range)=120-185

    5-hiaa-834 (normal range)=2100-5000

    glycine-737.6 (normal range)=455-980

    taurine-116 (normal range)=100-540

    gaba-6.3 (normal range)=4.7-7.0

    glutamate-30.8 (normal range)=15-32

    pea-76.3 (normal range)=30-70

    histamine-48.6 (normal range)=14-24

    creatinine-134.56 (normal range)=28-259

    what concerns me is how low my dopac and 5-hiaa are. ive had depression ever since i took accutane and self medicated myself with 5htp. i think i screwed up the chemicals in my brain and wondering if you guys know how dopac and 5-hiaa correlate with depression. i also think my DHEA is pretty low. even though its in normal range i believe it should be higher. i am only 19 years old, shouldnt my test be sky rocketing at this age?

    if you guys got any opinions or advice on this i would appreciate it. doctor didnt really explain it too well and knew someone on here would have an answer for me. thanks guys

  2. Old post. Perhaps your DHEA is fine given your sensitivity to the downstream hormones produced by DHEA. I wonder if the taurine level should be of more concern since you speak of low-mood and taurine is calming. Taurine might help your sleep.

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