Difference in brands of Epistane?

  1. Difference in brands of Epistane?

    I've been looking into doing a PH for a while now. I decided upon Epistane recently over H-Drol, and have seen so many different brands. Dynamic Formulas, Iron Labs, CEL, RPN...My lifting buddy took Epi Strong but I can't find that anywhere. I know they all say they have the same structure, but in your guys' experience, which worked best for you? Price is not an issue.

    I have my cycle/post cycle all planned out and my diet and training are on key. I weigh 228 at 6'3'' hovering around 11% bf.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. Epi-Strong is back today, it will be the last run of the product however, i will pm you
    Muscle Research Board Rep

    AM10 for 10% off at Mrsupps.com

  3. Woah thanks man! Any clue how many will be in stock? I'm trying to hold off until payday (friday) but if needed I'll purchase some today.

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