my test level

  1. my test level

    hey guys im 20 years old and i got my test level measured. i have never done a ph cycle or any gear. i been looking into it a lot lately..i am either going to start my frist cycle in sept or jan. my test level was 680, this was at about 10 in the morning after not eastin for about 12 hours cause i also got my colesteral (sp) measured. it was 150. i have been training for about 1 1/2 years and my diet has also been good because i been a swmmer and waterpolo player for years. i am 5'8 or 5'9 and weight 167to 172.

    any suggestions like keep natrual longer and wait till my test levels drop more or anything like that..



  2. Hey new guy! I would suggest you milk the boosters first. Zinc, fenugreek, tribulus, that kind of stuff. Then maybe try a SERM like clomid for awhile. That could put you test over 1200 without even PH'ing. Once you reach the limit of this and your training gets flat, then step it up to some gear. You might consider stocking a few things right now though, while you still can.

  3. alright great...i will def give the clomid and tribus and such a try..i have thought about it in the past but never got aroound to it....

    any other suggestions or tips?
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  4. what kind of clomid cycle would you suggest? same as for pct?

  5. I'd say less than PCT. When I was 20, I responsed very well to 25 or 50mg. If fact, I was giving the 1200 test estimate based on this dose range. If you've never used clomid before, start with 25mg/d. That's all it takes to get a nice boost and really notice effects. Don't take nolva unless you really have to, once your older.



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