Want to use IGF R3..

  1. Want to use IGF R3..

    Hmm i really want to take this compound, i understand you won't gain much muscle size at all without aas. My fear though even at 21 is cell proliferation and obviously includes tumors and cancer cells. Would anyone advise against it? I understand Genetic Predisposition could be a fact, but also has anyone e.g pros/bodybuilding people who have had serious health complications from it?

  2. Wait... So back this whole train up. I gather from this post that (1) you're 21 and (2) you believe that you won't gain muscle mass without AAS? At this point I would suggest that you not even think about AAS. I'm not sure how big you want to be, but whoever told you that you cannot put on muscle without steroids is full of it. At 21 and from the sounds of it just being a beginner, you have a long ways to go before you will come close to hitting a plateau of any kind.

    To respond to the rest of your question, I am not aware of any correlation between a proliferation of muscle cells and an increased risk of cancer, but others may certainly correct me if they have more information.

  3. Oh i totally agree mate on how much muscle i can build naturally well until at least 25. I just want more muscle cells though, but if it comes with the increase with cancer then it might not be wise. I can't take HGH, although probably safer with the superior immune benefits i'm not old enough for that yet.
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