Raw and reset

  1. Raw and reset

    Has any buddy used raw and reset stack before looks like monster to me but I'm a new guy? And if so what pct did you use they sent me torque pct. Any good?

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    Never heard of it.
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  3. I live in wi and hear about it on the radio. The claims they make for progress are ridiculous and usually annoy me, but I thought it was just some supplement because it's advertised as being sold in some store here. If it's a ph then maybe their claims are possible I guess.

  4. Look at there web page and let me know what you think .do you have any ph experence?

  5. correct me if im wrong is it by element nutrition red and silver and black bottles should be 3. 1 being epi/tren the other being sdrol hdrol and then the reset (pct). if so i have ran it and could give you some insight on the product.

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    correct me if im wrong is it by element nutrition red and silver and black bottles should be 3. 1 being epi/tren the other being sdrol hdrol and then the reset (pct). if so i have ran it and could give you some insight on the product.
    lets hear it..

    There is a similar stack here raw prohormone dot com
    The website looks like an infomercial lol but bottle one is epi/tren and bottle 2 is not clear to me what it is, third bottle is pct. Each one for a month, doesnt seem smart to do this without a serm but they sell it as good to go.

  7. yea i actually bought off of there i liked the stack but was very uninformed as far as how to take it and properly come off of it. month 1 went ok with the epi/tren put on about 10/12 lbs good strength increase it was awesome. month two however superdrol/halodrol tore me up i started to get really bad tension headaches i was dead after like 5 pm my lifts stayed the same but only put on about another 2 to 3 pounds that month. i took a week off of lifting to recover and never had the strength that i had. however all i did was the reset pct i didnt know anything about serms like i do now i have always somewhat had gyno but it did get a little worse but i was going to have it removed but figured i would wait. as far as the cycle goes i went from like 180 10% to 202 12% so it wasnt bad all in all probably would just do 1 cycle of epi and then see how i respond and add on to it from there hope this helped. any other questions let me know like i said month 1 was amazing loved that combo month two however idk if my body had just had enough by that time you might just run month 1 use pct trib. creatine and eat then 2 or 3 months run month 2 that way your body can normalize before you destroy it again with another month of harsher compounds just my opinion though.

  8. I'm on week 4 of the first bottle and going to do bottle 2 next week what do think for a serm or is it to late. And is there pct not a good end

  9. Any help would me cool. By the way the ra stack is made by a ex elite guy who lost his job and I've heard is nuts and to say away from

  10. well month two is the superdrol cycle of the raw stack so i would strongly suggest for you to get a serm on hand just in case you can never be to careful and i wouldnt run the reset as a stand alone pct i would also get some good creatine and some natty test booster just to try and keep size and strength. if i were you i would post cycle now and save that second bottle on a fresh start but its up to you how are your results coming after the epi/tren? (month 1)

  11. RAW bottle 2 is superdrol but the RA bottle two is something else, apparently milder. Cyano or something?

  12. yea cyano and dhb which im still not sold on the whole dhb thing yet but i believe he is talking about the original raw which month two would be superdrol halodrol and would be best if he waited to get the serm first just in case. and get his pct layed out other than just the reset

  13. First bottle gave me 10 lbs with no problem. And yes second bottle is superd. If you call Tim in west bend elilte he helped me out and has done this cycle be fore. I have post all set know and I'm on day3 of bottle 2. To answer about the ra stack I talked to matt the one that sells it and he makes me what to stay away from his ****. Matt used to own a elite but had alot of will say problems and lost the store in mad town so I was told. Ra and raw are two different cycles on bottle two.


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