What dose of M1T was ideal for you?

  1. What dose of M1T was ideal for you?

    AT what dose was M1T ideal for you in terms of gains versus sides? I started feeling lethargic and flu-like at 10mg, and 20mg kills my joints! Strangely, I felt decent at 15mg, but the hairloss bothers me. I think Ill just stick to 5mg from now on.

  2. I ran my first m1t/4ad cycle at 20mgs, but I dropped it down to 10mgs second cycle and noticed hardly any change in gains.

    Also, running at 10mgs/day I noticed that shutdown/shrinkage wasn't noticable until day 9-10 as opposed to 7-8.

  3. Can you PLEASE go into actual detail about the "hairloss" ? So many people say hairloss... I mean how much are we talking about here..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pu12en12g
    Can you PLEASE go into actual detail about the "hairloss" ? So many people say hairloss... I mean how much are we talking about here..
    Thats the thing, I've ran it in the past @ 10mg and no probs whatsoever, however this time I started @ 10mg and went to 20mg.....my hand in the shower is full of hair! This could be due to the fact that I am still shedding from the dbol I ran earlier, however it was a lowdose and the M1T is producing visibly worse shedding.

  5. 20 mg ED worked for me but 30 worked better.

  6. 5mg/morning and 5mg/afternoon for a total of 10mg/day worked good enough for me.
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  7. 10 morning, 10 afternoon, 20 total. Minimal cramping, no hair loss--only noticeable side was the lethargy (which is well masked with the addition of 4AD).

  8. I am fine taking 10mg at a time but I tried 15mg once and felt so sick and felt like I had a fever and got horrible lethargy for most the day. If I split though and did 10mg morning and 5mg at night, I was fine. You could probably do 10mg at night too and still be fine.

  9. 10mg daily works so far for me; 5 in the am, and 5 at night. Sides are noticable, but I'll deal with it because I want to see the gains. Last cycle was good, but I didn't track results. Back tightness, (minimal) lethargy, weird appetite pattterns. I wouldn't go higher, and I could probably stick to 5 a day. In fact, if sides persist annoyingly, I'll drop it to 5/day in the 2nd week. I'm at the end of week 1, and I'm running 1T and 4AD t/d as well. I'm gonna run 4 weeks of M4OHN following the 2 weeks of M1T, and so far I dig the cycle.

  10. 30 mg felt dammmmm good with no sides but some minor cramping.

  11. 30mg ed for 5 weeks


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