1. HD: [email protected] vs Dplex:[email protected]

    You read the title. Goals are primarily Strength/Hardness with any LBM added a huge plus (yes I know that is based on diet but still). Also I have 5+ phs under my belt already so I know how to read my body/know what I'm doing for support/PCT/etc...

    I REALLY want to try Dplex but I'm afraid by this time next year HD clones will not be available anymore.

    Any and all feedback is welcome.

  2. just buy some d plex for later...

    d plex is more of a body recomp PH, depending on your BF and weight you could prolly only see small LB gains. Or maybe 3lbs, but its not going to give you a ton of strength or anything.

    Most people stack it with stuff cuz its a very light meth

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