OTC pain meds and hdrol

  1. OTC pain meds and hdrol

    im currently in my 4th week of my hdrol cycle (50/50/75/75/75/100) and everything has been going great so far, no significant sides, minus some back pumps here and there

    however i have this reoccurring shoulder injury that flared up yesterday and i was wondering if it is safe to take naproxen sodium (aleve) or advil (ibuprofen) while on hdrol b/c im pretty sure both of those pain meds are metabolized by the liver...if those arent ok, what do you suggest?


  2. First, don't do 100mg, there's no reason to. Second, you should be ok if you stay at or under the recommended dose of either.
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  3. thanks, appreciate the help..anyone else want to second that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 96Cobrah View Post
    Second, you should be ok if you stay at or under the recommended dose of either.
    Agreed. As long as you're not popping pain meds like candy and your body is in fine order already, you're all right.

    And I'd opt for the naproxen, personally -- always been my go to when I've had to.
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