Quick question for my veteran bros.

  1. Quick question for my veteran bros.

    So I'm in the middle of my first time with hdrol. I started out at 50mg for a week and now for the past 2 weeks at 75. Just wondering if its worth bumping up to 100mg for the remainder of the time. Sides haven't been bad so far, some back pumps and a lil tired in the middle of the day. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  2. if you have enough to make it the full 6 weeks at 100mg, and feel fine now, go ahead.

  3. How have your results been so far? If your putting on size and getting results at 75mg than stay there IMO, but if your not feeling anything yet then I would probably kick it up in the last week or so. I haven't done Hdrol, I did Pmag and I didn't start to get noticeably bigger til the last two weeks of the cycle fyi.

  4. Soo far my weights up like 2 pounds and weights are moving a bit easier in the gym. I may be a little leaner. at least that's what my gf says. I don't see it.

  5. What's your weight and height? Hdrol is a mild ph so you may not be growing as fast as you'd like. There's alot of things involved though besides dosage, like nutrition and workout routine. I would give it another week then bump it up.

  6. I'm 28 weight 169 171sh and im 5"10.

  7. Just did my calories out and I eat like 3500 daily.

  8. I think for your weight and height 75mg will be enough. It's usually bigger guys that I have heard need to play with the higher dosages. Like I said I would stay the course and then see about changing it up on the last week.

  9. Cool bro works for me. Just nice hearing others thoughts on it. Doesnt help that im like the most impatient sob ever.Thanks for the help.


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