Clen with (or after) M4OHN

  1. Clen with (or after) M4OHN

    I'm getting ready to order some liquid clen (for research purposes) and I still have one question.

    The female research subject is currently using M4OHN.

    I was wondering if I would observe better results conducting the 2 week clen experiment immediately after the subject finishes the M4OHN cycle OR during the last 2 weeks of an M4OHN cycle. (start the clen research after the M4OHN use ends or run both together for the last 2 weeks and stop both together?)
    Thanks for any input/advice.

  2. I see no problem with using them together. I would lean towards using them together if I had to choose.

  3. I'm using them together and loving it.

  4. what dosage of m4o do you take , do you take any other ph ?

  5. Depending on my day, I am using 30-45 mg's. I usually dose 15mg's every 6 hours. My work days are over 16 hours, so I do 45mg's on those days. It has taken almost two weeks for me to start seeing results.

  6. 45 mg of m4ohn seems to be high for me , i was thinking of taking 24 mg m4ohn with propionat 100 mg every seconf day and albuterol (20-24 mg) .

  7. do you guys think its a good idea to use clen with PCT for its anti-catabolic properties?

  8. I think it depends on what your goals were from your cycle. After a bulking, you want your calories high, and so on. I'm sure someone with more knoweldge about it will chime in.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by acecombact1
    do you guys think its a good idea to use clen with PCT for its anti-catabolic properties?
    You can use it, but the anti-catabolic properties of clen are greatly overstated.


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