M1t from Superhuman Nutraceuticals

  1. M1t from Superhuman Nutraceuticals

    Just got in a batch of m1t from Superhuman Nutraceuticals. Anyone have experience with this PH..

  2. never heard of it, whats it for cpt?
    Olympus Labs Rep in the UK ;)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    never heard of it, whats it for cpt?
    No it's the same as other m1t's and they also make the 19-nor tren. I have experience with tren products but not with m1t. They are pro-hormones..

  4. i dont know, sounds crazy to me.
    Olympus Labs Rep in the UK ;)

  5. Never heard of the company, no info on the net that I could find anyway

  6. I couldnt find anything but their fb page.


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