cutting stack

  1. cutting stack

    Originally posted this up in the supplements section, my mistake.

    I will be wrapping up an 18 week program, mainly focused on size and strength. I am 5'7 and hope to be 185 by the time I am done bulking. I have never gone PH before, only used E-bol, and Kre-Anabolyn. I have had great consistent results with these supplements.

    I want to cut after these 18 weeks are up and I was thinking of using a very mild PH such as LG's stack, or something similar. Would it be a mistake to use this while cutting? I also wanted to add in Lean Extreme or some other cortisol inhibitor. While on the PH I know you typically should increase your clean food intake (mostly protein) to maximize your muscle building which contradicts my thinking of cutting while on a PH..

    I am just looking for someone to chime in on the effectiveness of PH on a cut and PH combined with a product such as Lean Extreme.

    Thanks in advance to everybody who puts in their two cents. If my thinking is off could you please recommend a better stack while trying to minimize cost and complexity.

  2. Katandrol would treat you well, its very mild and easy on sides. It would be a good first time PH because of those 2 reasons. Being a non meth you could run it past 6wks but since it will be your first run I would stop at 6wks.

    11-sterone is a anti-cortisol PH, it would be another one to look into.

    Both of them need to be dosed high to see any result. The katandrol will need to be around 300-350mg and the 11-sterone needs to be at 875mg+. Both will kinda get pricey.

    Epi-strong or Epistane would also work. 30/30/30/40/40 (mg) It's an anti estrogen PH. its the only one of its kind

    I think you should do more research and spend time reading threads here. You will soon learn and figure out what you want.

    A good informative site to check out

  3. Thank you for the input gymrat. I have only started researching PH. I know I definitely want something very mild. I will continue to research, until I am comfortable making a purchase. In the meantime, is it still acceptable to do a cut while on PH or is it much better suited to bulking?

    I have done recomps before but they are so slow. I want to do a massive cut but still maintain muscle (not increase strength obviously)

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