Completely lost, need help

  1. Completely lost, need help

    I have been researching for a long time as to what I could/should be taking. I am 5'9, about 200lbs. Want to add muscle while losing weight. Having been working out for a 2+ yrs, cardio, diet and all. Taking in protein and muscle milk. I have seen slight gains, but don't feel any added strength. Can someone suggest something better than protein and milk that I can start out with. THere are so many things out there, I have no idea where to start.

  2. Post up a sample diet and let us take a look please. Just show us what you ate yesterday.
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  3. Your diet will play the biggest role in reaching your goals. Best thing would be to post up a sample diet for you during a day and we can help you adjust it.

    As far as supplementation, creatine is good to take in and can help with strength and so would a good preworkout. NTBM has both. You get creatine in bulk, a tasty chewable, or in capsule form.

    Powerchews are becoming increasingly popular and they are what I'm currently using for my creatine. They are a chewable that taste like sweet tarts. A cheaper route would be some Ancient strength which is a capsulated creatine, and cheaper yet would be bulk creatine that you can mix into a drink and get it that way.

    A great preworkout is N2KTS and my personal favorite. It will give you lots of energy and motivation in the gym and also give some great pumps.

    All these can be found at www.**********************

    You can also use a discount code "needto139" for 15% off your order and get free shipping along with it.

    Post up that diet and we can help you get that on track as well
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  4. And workout routine dictates strength gains, so post your routine too

  5. Take the next couple days to jot down your eating habits. Be glad to help tweak your diet because whey protein post workout is great but there's 24 hours in a day. What are yur workouts like? Maybe your caloric intake is too low.

    The most effective method for muscle gains and strength increase is going to failure but I just cant do that everytime. 6-8 reps, sometimes 8-12 depending. Theres a chance youre over training too!

    Im always going to stress diet/training basics before supplementation. Get a diet down first to shoe you can stick to a regimen. But if it helps you get started and motivated consider some additional basics: creatine, preworkout, maybe a meal replacement if your on the go and have some difficulty hitting meals.
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  6. X2, on the need to build muscle supps. They will def helpout but as mentioned by everyone you need to have a good diet and training schedule. Your not going to grow if your not giving your body the right nutrition at the proper times.

    One thing no one else got into is sleep, it's critical you get 8 quality hrs. This is where the growth really happens.

    The pre workout is probably going to be the first thing your going to want aside protein powder. It will have lots of stuff in there essential for growth and will give you energy for your workout.

    Get your diet and workout schedule up and will will critique things. Or you could follow a true and tried schedule which will eliminate the need for everyone here to tweak yours


  7. 7 hours is my optimal. 8 actually makes me lethargic
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
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