First Timer

  1. First Timer

    I am 23 and I have been working out for over 10 years (seriously) and I am thinking about starting a PH for the first time. I've taken Diesel Test Hardcore and got decent gains from it. Right now I am near the end of a cutting cycle workout as described on the training forum under Light/Heavy Split.

    For this I am taking OEP/Alpha T2 as well as DAA/Erase and getting decent results.
    I was wondering what PH would be good for someone who is advanced in terms of lifting but a beginner as far as anabolics. I've heard good things about p-mag and h-drol but I wasn't sure if these were cost effective and if I should just skip straight to trying test for the first time (I'm wary of orals).

    Any tips or suggestions along with results i might expect?

  2. It depends on what you are trying to get out of the cycle. I would recommend pmag over hdrol. For me personally, pmag has better size gains, better strength gains, and far less sides. It is also an easy recovery if you have a good PCT lined up.

    As far as cost effectiveness vs. running a test cycle...that depends on how much you pay for your test, AI, SERMS, supporting supps, etc. If you look around enough, I think either can be relatively cheap. Running a good pmag cycle is not that expensive though and isn't too harsh so I don't think there is much to be wary about.

    Overall though, it just depends what you want out of your cycle to decide whether to run an oral ph/ds or a test cycle.

  3. thanks man. yea 10 lbs of LEAN gains would be nice since i would be coming off of a cutting cycle and would like to keep it that way. since p-mag has relatively low sides would cycle assist/cycle support be enough?

  4. Cycle assist is enough for on cycle, not for PCT though. I typically load hawthorne 2 weeks prior to cycle...cycle assist throughout entire cycle...then PCT Assist, Inhibit E, Reduce XT for PCT. I also always keep nolva on hand for PCT too... I would recommend you pick one up.

    I don't need a SERM for pmag but did use one on my last run because I dosed it high and SERMS just make recovery a lot easier. Either way you should probably get one because you don't know how you will react to pmag. Also, your diet and training are gonna dictate the type of gains you make, no one can guarantee 10 lean pounds but you will be pleased with your results I'm sure. Good luck

  5. Keep in mind with Designer steroids you may gain 10-15lbs but most of it is only glycogen and water. 4-6 weeks is too short for your body to build that much muscle. Expect 5lbs of actual muscle and 10lbs of weight gained. Not to deter you from trying them tho
    To get un-naturally big, you gotta do un-natural things



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