Pinning Doses Question

  1. Pinning Doses Question


    I'm wanting to make a 1-Test (NOT m1t) and 4AD base injectible. I plan on pinning daily. What doses would you recommend with this?

  2. 50- 100 mg ed of each is what I would use

  3. read my post below, it has some good info

  4. How about this stack:
    1-Test-cyp ($4.50/g) 1000mg/wk
    4-AD-cyp ($2.70/g) 1500mg/wk
    4OHT ($5.00/g) 250mg/wk
    5-AA-cyp ($5.00/g) 500mg/wk

    Mix it all into one solution, 310mg/ml, and use 1.5cc daily or equivalent.
    Ratio 1x4OHT : 2x5AA-cyp :: 4x1-test-cyp :: 6x4AD-cyp

    This works out to $1.78 per day for the products, plus whatever you need to spend on materials to prepare/deliver it. Cheap. Very effective. -- With cypionates, there is no real need to inject daily, unless you really want to keep the volume low for whatever reason.

    FWIW, did you get your nickname from Machiavelli's Mandragola?

  5. Good luck injecting 1-test base. From what I hear you'll be in tears for a hot minute.

  6. your arm will rot, and fall off.

  7. isnt the 1-test cyp less painful or not painful to inject? i thougt i had read that somehwere

  8. Quote Originally Posted by keith1569
    isnt the 1-test cyp less painful or not painful to inject? i thougt i had read that somehwere
    Yes, it's not too bad at all. Just don't try injecting 1-test base, or god forbid M1T

  9. Yeah, don't be a cheap ass and use the base. You'll have to inject constantly. They invented -cyps for a reason. My suggested cycle above is less than a freaking cup of coffee per day...


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