Epistane Stack??

  1. Epistane Stack??


    So my last cycle was Dieselbolan that I stacked with the AMS Pro Anabolic kit. I had really good results and kept a good percentage of my gains.

    I recently started an Epistane cycle. I'm about halfway through a thirty day cycle and so far am not too impressed. I'm running the same diet that I was on my last stack, but strength is at even and I've only gained about 2 pounds in as many weeks.

    So....all that to get to this. I'm considering cutting back to 20 mg per day of the Epistane and adding in another compound. I'm considering PHF Boladrol or CEL Alpha One. I'd run either of these for three weeks along with the lower dose Epistane and then finish the cycle with a week of just Epistane and then rolling hard into PCT mode.

    Does this seem like a reasonable idea? Which of the two compounds would you suggest? Or which other? Or at this point should I ride out a disappointing cycle and start over a few months from now.

    Thanks for your thoughts and experience!

  2. what you want to do isn't unheard of. though i cannot comment on boladrol or ** because i havent taken either. epistane can stack with just about what ever you want.

    specify you goals and maybe we can help.

    also- you didn't say what ur dosing the epistane at. u may need to up the epistane dosage especially if ur running it on its own.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  3. Thanks for the quick response.

    I started the epistane at 30 mg / day. I've bumped that up to 40 mg / day for over a week now.

    Rather than just dumping more of that into my system, I thought a different ph to work in conjunction with the epistane would maybe be better.

    I'm looking to put on a little more muscle mass. I'm 5'10" and am hitting the scale at 206. I started this cycle at 203. I'm not looking for anything extreme, but on my last cycle I watched the scale go from 192 to 208. I have a month before I go on vacation for a week and wanted to be a week into PCT when I left. I don't want to be down and hormonal on vacation and from my past experience, the first week off is kind of a bear. Essentially I have 3 weeks. I'd like to put on ten more pounds and keep six.

    I'll be river rafting on vacation, so I'll be pulling oars for seven days straight. I'm going to use this calorie burning vacation as the starting point for a recomp.

    Hopefully these are the answers you were looking for. Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

  4. If i remember right both the Bola and the Alpha One are methylated compounds, i wouldnt stack those with Epi since its methylated as well.

  5. I would do the Alpha One with Epi, I am currently running Epi with SD... abd dont drop the epi dose to 20, keep it atleast 30



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