the anti catabolic properties of test...

  1. the anti catabolic properties of test...

    How exactly, specifically does test work as an anti catabolic when dieting? Is it anti-catabolic because it's ANABOLIC. In the sense that, assuming the person is working out on a regular basis, you can assume they are going to put on a few lbs of lean mass, thus negating the few pounds they would lose from dieting? Or is it truly anti catabolic in the sense that it preserves muscle in a calorie deficit?

    For instance, what if you took a guy (this is a crude example, bear with me) who wasn't planning on working out at all, but was going to put himself in a very very large calorie deficit day in and day out to lose fat. Would the test still be able to preserve his lean mass and muscle even though he is not even working out?

  2. Medically, steroids still exert some anti-catabolic effects on patients who have muscle wasting diseases even if the person is not working out.

  3. interesting, thanks bro

  4. Yup, as in the case with AIDS patients.

  5. The man living with AIDS in the move Bigger, Faster, Stronger was pretty big. I imagine he had to work out though.

  6. speaking of which, my gym used to sell nothing but beverly products, and I talked to the district rep for them when he was in there one time, and one of the studies he was trying to use with me was that there protein had specifically been shown to BUILD muscle in AIDS patients.

    Just thought that was interesting....


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