shipping to cali..

  1. shipping to cali..

    is shipping to california legal or not legal? I just sold something through the classifieds m1t and m5aa and am wondering if it's legal for me to ship it over there.. i'm not trying to get in trouble for it..

  2. There are some (many?) prohormones that are illegal to ship to California. I really doubt an individual would get busted for doing anything, but a company like DS or CNW will stay clear of that mess. You could always put a false return address on it, then it's not your problem. Make sure the receiver knows that if he wants you to ship it, he's taking the risk it will get seized. Not much of a risk, though. I would think that AT MOST they would have the names of DS, CNW, and other prohormone sellers on watch.

  3. just label it differently to something legal.

  4. well the stuff is still sealed in containers..

  5. Don't worry, Cali doesn't have customs agents at the border or anything. Just send it in a non-descript box.

  6. As long as you ship it within the continental US there's basically no chance that they will inspect the package, unless of course you try to insure it. As suggested just send it with a fake return address just in case.

  7. or a return addy that is sent to a mbe or ups store..they will accept packages for you without askin for an id :-)


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