1-test cyp and 4ad cyp

  1. 1-test cyp and 4ad cyp

    I am thinking about using 1000mg of 1-test cyp and 1000mg of 4ad cyp per week for 10-12 weeks. Would it be wise for me to use hcg or will novla be enough for PCT? I have been doing some research and I have not found the right time to begin PCT after using cypionate. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Since when do you use HCG for PCT? Use it during the cycle, not after. As for Nolva, since it has a halflife of a week, just start it (steady dose) the day after you stop the cyp, then as the cyp decreases, the nolva content increases.

  3. I guess the wording was kind of wrong for hcg. Will it be needed on cycle since it is 10-12 weeks? Or should I wait until I am done with the cylcle and just use the nolva?

  4. If you've got it, and you are injecting anyways, there is no reason not to use it, and if you are going 10-12 weeks there are lots of good reasons to use it. (When else would you use it?) I'd use it myself if I could find it at a better price.

  5. What is a 'good price' for HCG...theres a place that sells it (its a legal drug), but i'm thinking its too steep.

  6. I also have no idea what good price is. I found one site that is selling 10,000 usp units of novarel hcg for 80 dollars. i don't know what that would be in IU's. Any thoughts?

  7. I just found two places via froogle, one at $45, another at $36 for 10,000iu, with discounts on 10 or more. I can't vouch for them.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by beggar sue
    I am thinking about using 1000mg of 1-test cyp and 1000mg of 4ad cyp per week for 10-12 weeks. Would it be wise for me to use hcg or will novla be enough for PCT? I have been doing some research and I have not found the right time to begin PCT after using cypionate. Any assistance would be appreciated.
    The cyp ester has a half life of 12 days, so should begin your nolva around day 10 after your last cyp injection (IMO of course). That way you are starting early, but not too early.

    BTW, I would up that 4-ad cyp to at least 1200mg. The recommended is 1200mg to 1800mg per week. Just a suggestion.

    I won't cycle any more without running HCG all the way through, you will thank yourself

  9. did the hcg come with bacteriostatic water for injection? If so then 80 dollars may not be a good deal for the one I viewed on the testosterone replacement shop.

    Waiting 10 days before beginning my PCT does not sound bad. Paying 80 bucks for a 40 dollar product does. How much hcg did you use during your cycle, and during what intervals?
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  10. HCG usually comes packaged with an amp of 1 ml of BW. Regardless of whether it comes with the HCG or not, you will need to get yourself some more to further dilute the solution (www.getpinz.com). I usually use 8 ml of BW per 5000iu's. That gives you a 625iu/ml. Half a ml, every 3 or 4 days usually keeps the boys happy Here is Swale's protocol for PCT.

    Post Cycle Recovery

    Author : SWALE [Contact Author]

    Summary : My current best thoughts.

    I advise my AAS patients to use small amounts of HCG (250IU to 500IU) on two consecutive days each week, right from the beginning of the cycle. This serves to maintain testicular form and function. It makes more sense to me to keep the horse in the barn, so to speak, then to have to chase it across three counties later on. I am also a big fan of maintaining estrogen within physiological ranges. Both therapies have been shown to hasten recovery.

    Any more than 500IU of HCG per day causes too much aromatase activity, and results in destruction of Leydig cells. You are then inducing primary hypogonadism (which is permanent) while treating steroid-induced secondary (hypogonadotrophic) hypogonadism (which is temporary--hopefully).

    If 250IU or 500IU on two days each week isn’t enough to stave off testicular atrophy, then I recommend using it more days each week (as opposed to taking larger doses). In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a guy use 250IU per day ALL THROUGH the cycle. Those that have tell me they thus avoid that edgy, burned-out feeling they usually get. They also say they simply feel better each day. Subjective reports, to be sure, but they are hard not to appreciate. Especially when HCG is so inexpensive.

    The testes are then ready, willing and able to again produce testosterone at the end of the cycle. LH levels rise fairly rapidly, but endogenous testosterone production is limited by lack of use. I also want to make sure a SERM, such as Clomid or Nolvadex, is at effective serum dosage (around 100mg QD for Clomid, 20-40mg QD for Nolvadex) when serum androgen levels drop to a concentration roughly equal to 200mg of testosterone per week. That is when androgenic inhibition at the HP no longer dominates over estrogenic antagonism with respect to inducing LH production. Of course, if the fellow has been doing Clomid or Nolvadex all along the way (and I now prefer Nolvadex over Clomid, due to the possibility of negative sides from the Clomid), he is all set to simply continue it at the end (no need to switch from one to the other). BTW, I see no evidence of any benefit in using BOTH SERM’s at the same time. I used to think a couple of weeks of the SERM was enough; now I like to see an entire month after the last shot of AAS (and migration of long to short esters as the cycle matures). Tapering the SERM is probably a good idea during the last week, as well.

    I want my patients to stop taking HCG within a week after the end of the cycle. The testosterone production it induces will further inhibit recovery, as will using Androgel, or any other testosterone preparation, while in recovery. There is no escaping this, as there is no such thing as a “bridge?. Just because you are not inhibiting the HPTA for the entire 24 hours does not mean you are not suppressing it at all. IOW, you can’t “fool? the body—it is smarter than you are.

    I like Arimidex during the cycle (in fact, consider use of an AI while taking aromatisables a necessity) but it ABSOLUTELY should not be used post cycle (even though it has been shown to increase LH production) because the risk of driving estrogen too low, and therefore further damaging an already compromised Lipid Profile, is too great (this also drives libido back into the ground—and we don’t want that, do we?).

    All this is meant to get my guys through recovery as fast as possible (the real goal, yes?). So far, all of them who have tried it have reported they are recovering faster than when they have tried other protocols.

  11. Make sure you use nolva with the HCG becuase of the E boost. I would use it during as well as at the end, but because of the Cyp i would front load during the first week and use 2000-2400mgs.

  12. Does Arimidex' bad effects on good cholesterol make it not a great choice for on-cycle use with PHs like M1T? 1-Test?

  13. Would I have to front load both 1-test cyp, and 4 ad cyp? If So, in order for it to last 10 weeks, I am going to have to buy more powder. I only purchased 10 grams of each. I guess you have to do what you have to do.

  14. If you front load it, taking twice the regular dose the first week, just stop after the 9th week. It will still be running through you for the next twelve days. Of course, it's still a good idea to buy more powder. That's always a good idea

  15. Thank goodness I saved up, but I am always open to donations.

  16. will a 3cc 25G*1.5 syringe/needle work with hcg??

  17. Quote Originally Posted by beggar sue
    will a 3cc 25G*1.5 syringe/needle work with hcg??
    That's what I use (again, because I'm a broke ass and that's all I have). I believe the preferred method is a 29g slin pin. Either way it's sub-Q.


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