So im toward the end of week 3 of what is now going to be a 6 week cycle.

going to look like this

Test suspension: 50x2/50x2/0/0/0/0

Epi: 40/40/40/40/40/40

(maybe) SD: 0/0/0/10/10/10

First 2 weeks i gained about 7lbs, the epi kept the gains nice and dry and controlled the estro sides nicely. The only sides ive noticed are slight back pumps in workouts where ive dosed the epi preW/O. Haven't really noticed any shutdown over the last week, libido is still high. Libido was through the roof for the first 4 or so days until the epi calmed that down to the high/normal range. lots of omega 3-6-9s have kept my joints nice and comfortable.

as an aside, my BP was VERY high towards the end of the first week (ie, 158/80) and i was on cycle assist. towards the end of the second it was back down to 130/65, which is much more normal for me.

over the last week i dropped 1lb, and now im on the rise again now that the epi is kicking in harder. now any water retention i had is completely gone and muscles are much harder. overall, id say that the suspension worked very well to kickstart the epistane gains and im just debating on whether to throw in drol to take these last 3 weeks to another level.

PCT will be handled with torem/test booster, and i have letro on hand for any gyno related issues that may arise with my screwy test/estro levels.