Should I add 1,4ad to my stack for the next 18 days?

  1. Should I add 1,4ad to my stack for the next 18 days?

    Should I add 14ad to my stack for the next 18 days? I am using a transdermal 4ht,4ad,1 test, and 1ad oral (100mgs a day, to keep hormone levels steady inbetween doeses of transdermal) Should I add 1,4ad at abouy 600-700mgs a day to this stack? I know some people say that it takes a while to kick in, but isnt that refering to esterfied boldenone (sp) injectable? I will be getting my Nolva soon ( I know I shouldnt of started without it, but the 4ht has kept me dry, so I figure adding 1,4ad will help me to eat and become vascular. Or I could just throw in a m5aa, for the next two weeks, I am not afraid of hairloss, I take precautions. I would like more mass, but I could dig sme 5aa hardness, any other recomendations are welcome.



  2. You need to get a clue man - i mean no offence but **** you dont really seem to understand the products you are taking. i mean why would you take 1AD and 1test at the same time? And 1,4ad sucks unless you run it at least 6 weeks from personal experience. You should also know that doing a dermal 2X per day will keep your hormone levels pretty even.

  3. Well lets see, I have a clue, I work in a warehouse, where it is hot as hell, and by the middle of the day I have sweated alot, I knew I would get **** from people who didnt understand. I dont have time or the ability to re apply during the middle of the day, so I take one 1ad and then apply my transdermal when I get home,( I am fully aware that 1ad converts to 1 test) I perfectly understand the products that I am taking. You want me to go into further detail to prove it, because I can. I have seen stacks where people add other compounds to the tail end of thier cycles, while they are usually adding M5aa, I was asking a question about 1,4ad or m5aa, to see which one would be optimal. Do a search and you will see threads where people have debated on 1,4ad and the times that it needs to be taken, I am not making **** up.

  4. I added M5aa.

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