please review havoc cycle

  1. please review havoc cycle

    As my first post just like to say hello to everyone. Been lurking around long enough figure I'd post. Of course like the thread title says I will be running a rpn havoc cycle next month if I can get all my facts straight. I will try to be as informative as I can to recieve the best feedback

    I'm in the military and 30 years old. Been working out now for 12 years just using mild supps and protein powders. I'm 6'2 210 lbs with an athletic build. I lift 4 times a week and run 5 times a week. I took a natty test booster viridex xt last month and noticed a breakthrough in lifts and general hardness of muscle. So I'm looking to take the next step.

    I choice Havoc because it seems like a mild ph and has a cutting effect as not to mess with my run times to much. Was thinking about a 20/30/30/40 dosing. Using ai cycle support 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after cycle. Pct is where I've read probably to much. Everyone seems to like nolva but wouldn't clomid be a better serm for this cycle? I will be using a liquid version as I don't have a source for the other yet. Also just learned about forma stanzol so was thinking of adding it in to pct as well. Thanks guys for reading this long mess and hopefully helping me out.

  2. Havoc has anti estrogen properties. I would say a low dose of Nolva about 20/20/10/10. I never really liked clomid, it didnt work well with my body. Why would you want to choose Clomid over Nolva? Your cycle support is going throughout right, not just the first two weeks and starting again the last two weeks? Watch your liver because it is methylated and at 40 mg you might have some back pumps so keep Taurine on hand.
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  3. yes I plan to do cycle support the whole time for a total of 8 weeks. Plan on PCT to be 4 weeks. I also have ai post cycle (bought the pct pack) I will use. Does AI usually send t-shirts and samples with their products. They put some extra stuff the box for me. A little bit extra always makes you feel good so big thanks to them.

  4. start at 30mg, at your weight you will need it. 30/30/40/40

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