SD (m drol) and carbs

  1. SD (m drol) and carbs

    Simply, does M Drol needs carbs to yield it's best benefits? If so, aren't just about all of the gains then from glycogen and water? I would think so if its greatest size gaining capabilities are only yielded when taken with lots of carbs. I've taken it so many times, and now i'm trying it on the Anabolic Diet, but i'm thinking why should I even bother if all i'm going to gain in glycogen and water? I don't plan on stopping the diet during PCT, so when it's not in my system during the weeks of PCT, i'll lose all of my gains, right?

  2. Yeah, I gained 15lbs of glycogen and water and kept it all after PCT.


  3. yeah but if you were to start a low carb cut, you'd lose it all in a few days, so what's the point if its not real msucle

  4. I think he was joking about the 15lbs of water... I think he means he gained 15lbs of lean mass...

  5. You dont NEED to give it tons of carbs to gain weight. It is a carb hungry PH tho.

    In your situation I would eat 50/30/20 pro/carb/fat, you wont gain as much weight as when you take in more carbs than pro but you will still gain weight/muscle.

    I would just do a recomp and run it like 10/20/20/30, esp if you have ran it more than 3 times. If you still want to continue recomping during PCT i would try out a SARM (s4 or osta)

  6. I really wish LG Sciences didn't write those bull**** 'reviews' on mdrol/other substances. Yeah. Superdorl is all glycogen and intramuscular water weight. Nothing more. Puh-lease.

    Superdrol is one of the best steroids out there for lean mass, especially if you're lucky enough to be able to handle it well (sides etc) and it will treat you exceptionally well.

    If you're worried about getting fat from carbs, then do what I do - consume the bulk of your carbs (rolled oats or brown rice etc) early morning with your initial SD dose, and then some postworkout. Generally works well for me.

    The only ways you'll lose gains is: Diet isn't on key. Training isn't up to scratch. You get sick and are unable to train. Or something else.


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