quick question

  1. quick question

    can i bake gear thats in one of those flip cap bottles, w/ rubber and all? i've just been putting them in boiling water, which is pretty annoying.

    i'm just worried of the rubber melting and going into the gear.


  2. why are you baking anything with a flip top?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    why are you baking anything with a flip top?
    i got it from an UG lab, I just want to be extra careful. that was my question, is it a plain old bad idea? i haven't done it yet.

  4. you can refill it but I don't think you can bake it.. just for grin's email the UG you got it from

  5. Are you trying to sterilize it?

  6. yeah, my goal was to sterilize.

    i just heated it up in a really hot water bath.

    i'm sure it was fine to begin with.. i already shot it. no problems so far..

  7. Pop the flip-top off, stick a 18g pin in the stopper, bake, enjoy..

    You may have to rethink your UG lab if you wanna bake their products beforehand.. I understand wanting to be safe, but that just wreaks of OCD, my friend..


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