1-Test Cyp/4AD Cyp

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    1-Test Cyp/4AD Cyp

    After doing alot of research, I've decided I want to run an injectable 4AD Cyp/1-Test Cyp cycle. I have a few questions about dosage/concentration and a few others that I haven't come across in reading posts in the forum.

    For starters, would it be best to make seperate solutions for the 1-test/4ad or could i combine them to make 1 solution? I would love to bypass the whole homebrew deal and buy from designersupps, but they have allready sold out of the 1-Test cyp, and the 4AD cyp I believe. So, I'm stuck homebrewing.

    I was thinking of running an 8 week cycle, at ~800mg 1-test/week and 1200mg 4AD/week on an EOD injection pattern. So I plan on ordering 10 grams of both 1-Test Cyp and 4-AD Cyp. My next question is, is that dosage correct for a person 6-3', 207 lbs who has run multiple PH cycles before? Right now I'm coming to the end of an M4OHN cycle at 36mg/ed that I loved, so I'll be researching, buying, and homebrewing during PCT for my next cycle.

    My last question is about the homebrewing itself, Is there a definitive website, sticky post, or anyother resource I could use to know exactly how much of all the materials I will need to brew the solution, or so I just need to PM somebody? Thanks ahead of time for the patience in even reading the damn post, much less if you are nice enough to answer.

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    I would start by looking at the recipes in the "Conversions" section of this board.


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