please help! never used anything before.

  1. Question please help! never used anything before.

    well the question i have is i've purchased 3 bottles of m1t really don't have a clue of what to use and how to use it?

  2. then why did you buy it?

  3. well i've used creatine and weight gain shakes before and i'm ready to try something else.the reason i purchased 3 bottles was because of the deal i got on them. i'm just looking for some help to get started and any info would be greatly appr.

  4. I can give you a great deal on some good snake-oil too...

    Most people use it 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 weeks on @ 10mg every day while on. It is very liver toxic, you need to take nolva while you are off in the middle of the 2 weeks and for 4 weeks after if you want your nutz to function normally. You also probably want to take somthing like milk thistle.

  5. well i don't need any snake oil but the info is a great help.where can i purchase the nolva and what doses should i use? i already have the milk thistle they threw it in with the m1t! how should i use the thistle? are there other things i should be taking?

  6. the board sponsor sells it. With the liquid 60mg for the in between 2 weeks and then 60/60/50/40 for the final 4 weeks.

    You need to slow down and do some research before jumping in, m1t can **** you up.

  7. You need to read all the info you can on this board before taking it. You clearly are not ready. What you have is not a supplement, it is an anabolic steroid. And a pretty hardcore one at that. It is not something to jump into like weight gainer. You can really mess yourself up permanently without knowing what you're doing.

    You say you're 26 & I hope that's true. The world does not need any more idiot kids jumping into hardcore cycles without having a clue what it does to your body.

  8. I understand, i'm not starting anything until i some what understand most of the things that go along with these products.That's why i'm asking all these questions.I just want to know as much as possible before i do jump into this. What would be a good "set up "for a beginner like me? Should i start with something different?

  9. you should start w/ something much milder like 1-ad, put the m1t in your closet, it will keep.

  10. the search feature on this board is your friend.. all this has been discussed before

  11. A 1-test/4ad transdermal is ideal for a first cycle. It will provide the gains you are looking for, with less toxicity & side effects than m1t. M1t is too harsh for a 1st cycle. Like said before, just hold the M1t until you have a cycle or 2 under your belt. It'll last a few years.

  12. The good thing about the 1-ad is it is an oral, it is easy for a first cycle since you just pop some pills a few times a day and will produce good 1st cycle results.


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