First ph cycle help

  1. First ph cycle help

    I've been a regular in this forum for a while as I was trying to gain as much info as I could. Decided to see if anyone could chime in and help me to the next step. I'd like to start my first ph cycle so can anyone recommend a solid first cycle for me? I'd preferably like to do a stand alone cycle and something mild along with mild side effects. Also could you recommend a solid pct? Thanks in advance.

  2. No one can reccommend any ph for anyone, just depends if your ready, your either ready or your not, Whats your age,workout history, supplement history, etc...

  3. 5'10 and 168lb, Ahhh creatine, protein, BCAA, Fish oil. Solid meals and training. Once you hit a wall at 185-190 ask again.

    You still can grow naturally and have no need to use something like your asking about.

  4. Thanks for the input from both replies above.

    A little background info: I'm 26, 5'10 and currently weight about 168-170. Been working out seriously for about 3 years now but have been working out on and off since I was in high school. My body tends to normally gravitate to around 165lbs. A few years ago I wanted to really drop fat and I ended up having about 7-8%bf at 152lbs, I realized this was way too skinny so I began a year long bulk (very dirty bulk), lifted like crazy and ended up at 192lbs. Begining of January this year I wanted to start dropping bf again but now with more knowledge I tried to do it with dropping as little lean body mass as possible and that is where I'm at right now, at 168lbs and I'd estimate at 11-12% bf. Looking to add some big boy size now.

    Supps: lots of protein, animal pump for pw, tt-33(cutting), reversitol v2 (I realize this is usually taken as a pct but wanted to see if it would give me any results in the gym), glutamine, and creatine. Getting about 200g protein, 140g carbs, 50g fat.

    With that said, I would like to start with my first ph cycle. Any recommendations for a first timer with my background would be appreciated.

  5. Was hoping to get some more guidance...?

  6. Sorry dude, you should just be able to get a lot more results out of tweaking your diet and workout routines. There are a number of factors that could affect this. Are you sure you're getting enough calories? What is your maintenance level? Are these quality calories? What about your workouts -- have you switched up your routines? Have you tried new movements? Or your home life -- are you getting enough sleep?

    These things should all be straightened out and then you'll start getting the gains you want.

  7. Thx for the reply owlicks,

    I def. Respect your opinion and am now leaning towards following your advice. So my question is...when will be a good time to do my first cycle?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jburna333 View Post
    Thx for the reply owlicks,

    I def. Respect your opinion and am now leaning towards following your advice. So my question is...when will be a good time to do my first cycle?
    No prob man. I agree with what the others have suggested -- aim for a goal weight of 185 to 190 with low bodyfat before diving into PH stuff. If you don't already, try to stick with the classic lifts while you're bulking -- squats, bench, etc.

    What does your current workout routine look like?

  9. I have a 4 day split, looks something like this:

    Bi's n tri's:
    -warm up with some isolated bi curls with barbell 4 sets
    -alternating bi curls dumbbells 4 sets
    -heavy bi curls with Olympic bar standing 3 sets and end with 95lbs
    -hammer curls 3 sets

    -warm up with tricep pushdowns w cables 3 sets
    -skull crushers 4 sets ending with 80lbs
    -one handed overhead tricep extensions 3 sets
    -variation of dips 3 sets

    -dumbbell military press 3 sets light warm up then 4 sets heavy
    -smith machine military press 4 sets
    -lateral raises w dumbbells 3 sets warm up 3 sets heavier
    -cable lateral raises one handed 3 sets
    -bent over lateral raises w dumbbell 3 sets
    -barbell shoulder shrugs 5 sets with 1 light warm up set in begining
    -upright rows 3 sets

    -pull ups 3x10
    -lat pulldowns 4 sets ending with about 180lbs
    -another variation of lat pulls 4 sets
    -bent over rows 4 sets with barbell end with 155lbs
    -seated cable rows 4 sets really focus on pinching shoulder blades
    -dead lifts 4 sets ending with 275lbs

    -leg press 6 sets 2 warm up 4 working sets end with 450lbs
    -squats 4 sets end with 245
    Leg extensions 4 sets
    -let's curls for hammys 3 sets
    -rdl's 3 sets
    -calf raisers 3 sets high reps
    -another variation of calf raisers

    -incline bench w dumbbells end with 70lb dumbbells 4 sets
    -smith machine incline press 3 sets
    -flat bench dumbbell 4 sets end with 70lb dumbbells
    -decline press 3 sets
    -cable flys

    So actually it's a 5 day split...what do you think?


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