M1T and water weight

  1. M1T and water weight

    Let's say you're 200lbs and you go on a cycle of M1T...After a few weeks you gain 15lbs and some of it is water. Realistically how much of that can possibly be water. How much water weight can a 200lb guy realistically hold? 5lbs...8lbs...? That's a lot of water. Any guess or opinions would be appreciated.
    The reason I ask is because I'm currently on a 4AD/M1T cycle and have gained a about 12 lbs so far. I don't see any fat gain, but I do seem some water weight. I want to know how much muscle mass I might have possibly gained so far.

  2. From my personal experience I gained about 15 pounds and lost about 7-8 after running 20mgs M1t w/4ad trans for 2 weeks.

    I kept about 80% of my strength gains, but then again I previously was even stronger naturally.

    You can mitigate some water gain by keeping carbs to a reasonable level w/r-ala and making sure your potassium intake is adequate.

  3. The adult body is 55 to 75 percent water so you can hold a good bit more. If you weigh 200lbs a 10lb increase of water is only a 6% increase in water (assuming you are 75% water). Do you feel bloated?

    It really depends on the person, some keep almost all, some lose almost all on M1T. Hopefully you are the former. I bet if you do everything right you can keep at least 8-10lbs though if you gain 15+.

  4. If you think about it, a 15lb gain in 2 weeks on m1t is not uncommon. Its not possible to gain even 10lbs of muscle in that time with any substance on earth. The majority of the weight is due to excess water retention and nutrient supercompensation. So I'd say that 5lbs of the 15 is actually LBM gain.

    Iron Addict had an article that covers a lot of this a few months back in the training forum.
    Realistic expectations about muscle growth

  5. I was thinking no more than 1/2 could possibly be muscle. I feel bloated during the 2nd half of the day. My nips are a little point at night, but then flatten out in the morning. I'm running 400mgs/day 4AD along side with M1T.I started the M1T at 20mgs for the first week and dropped to 10mgs for the second week since I saw so much rapid weight gain. My weight has now gone down about 3 lbs the last couple days so I'm thinking of going back to 20mgs. Maybe the bloat decreased from the reduced dosage or maybe I actually lost some weight/fat. I've been on for 12 days now.

    Here are the negative sides:
    -darker urine
    -very low appetite (I hate this, I'm bulking, so this is self defeating)
    -a few more pimples, not too bad really
    -get bloated (taking .5mg of Arimidex ED)...Is this a bad idea?

    Here are the good sides:
    -a little stronger
    -good endurance
    -no fat gain, despite a few dirty diet days
    -little bit of lethargy (started around day 9-10)
    -pumps are a little better

    All in all I would rate M1T about a 7 out of a possible 10.
    The best part about this so far is that my libido is up, no shrinkage, nips are a little cone shaped at night, but are very flat in the morning.

    I'm going to form my final judgement after I take 2 weeks off and do one more 2 weeker. Then I'll have a better idea of what I think and share it with you guys. Then I'll do some PCT updates and let you guys know how much weight I've kept.

    One question for some of you veterans... Would it be better to run 10mgs straight for a couple more weeks (total of 4 weeks), or take 2 weeks off and do another 2 weeks at 20-10mgs???

  6. Quote Originally Posted by IHateGymMorons
    -get bloated (taking .5mg of Arimidex ED)...Is this a bad idea?
    M1T doesn't aromatize, so you're basically using it for the 4AD I'm gathering. Don't know that most would say 4AD warrants it, but then I'm sensitive to gyno and wouldn't ever run anything that aromatizes without some sort of inhibitor myself.

  7. You try M1T then, and tell me if it doesn't aromatize.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by IHateGymMorons
    You try M1T then, and tell me if it doesn't aromatize.
    Planning on it sometime in the future. Still, aromatization isn't the only thing that can cause water retention, it's just the first thing that comes to mind when using steroids. Creatine causes a ****load of bloat in some people, it ain't because of estrogen.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by IHateGymMorons
    Here are the negative sides:
    -darker urine
    -very low appetite (I hate this, I'm bulking, so this is self defeating)
    -a few more pimples, not too bad really
    -get bloated (taking .5mg of Arimidex ED)...Is this a bad idea?
    If you have dark urine, you should drink more water. I haven't had that problem with M1T ever and I consistenly drink 2 gallons of water a day. JMO bro.

  10. not all my urine is dark, maybe every other is darker than normal. Yes, it wouldn't hurt to drink more water.

    M1T causes water retention for hormonal reasons, creatine isn't hormonal and only stores water in the muscle. Pure creatine (Creapure) shouldn't bloat you, it's the cheap Chinese GNC sh** that bloats you.

  11. I forgot to add that I've noticed a little bit of hairloss right around day 10 on M1T. It's not too bad and has not gotten worse. I'm using Regrowth's Minoxidil and Nizoral as well as a hair vitamin that contains Saw Palmetto.

  12. OK guys I just finished 2 weeks of M1T/4AD. I'm taking a 2 week break on the M1T and continuing the 4AD to bridge over to one more 2 weeker on the M1T. Pretty standard deal.

    I'm not done with the complete cycle yet, but I want to tell you how I feel so far and if things have changed.

    So far:

    -gained noticeable size
    -leaned out a little bit
    -no sign of gyno at all
    -minimal hair loss
    -strength still up 5-10% on most lifts
    -no real acne problems
    -no sleep problems
    -lower back gets a mad pump very easy - this is weird, why is this?
    -holding water, but not as bad as first week
    *I'm taking .5mg Arimidex EOD to control the massive bloat I was getting
    -gained 12 pounds after the first 9-10 days, but now I weigh in only 10 lbs heavier at day 14. This is either the Arimidex getting rid of excess water, or some bodfat loss, or both. What do you guys think? Should I stop the Anti-E, will it hinder gains?

    -Sex drive is still crazy high, it never came down at all!!!!!!!
    -appetite is still lower than normal, but is getting better

    Do you think I'll gain a little bit more weight when I start round 2 of M1T or will I lose it on the "off" time and gain it back when I go on. I'm trying to keep protein high and calories up.

  13. The anti-e won't hinder gains, it'll just keep some water off.

    Due to the 4ad, you wont lose your libido until you come off.

    I've always gained a lot of weight the first 2-weeks, then barely anything in the second 2-weeker. But the strength gains all came in the 2nd half. You may react different.


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