I love SD

  1. I love SD

    Man I love SD, Its such a strong compound. I can accomplish a great cut, or a mean bulk. Hell, I never even run a straight cycle. I always pulse it for 6-7 weeks. Sure i get back pumps and my nuts like to shrink down to marbles. It's all worth it IMO.

    I may run a straight cycle eventually, but i really have no reason too. Just coming off the first actual bulk I have ever done with it. 28lbs.

    Anyone else got that SD love ?

  2. 28lbs! Dam.... nice results. May I ask the details of your pulse e.g. 3x wk, 20mg etc....

  3. geeess 28lbs? monster over here. im an SD junkie myself, first week on a cut and up 4lbs with fat burning off
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  4. I get great gains from it but wicked rebound gyno

  5. holdin onto some beastdrol for an end of summer bulk, considering a pulse myself. details of urs?

  6. Yes, please more info on your pulse cycle???? Have a supermass cycle coming up in august and want to decide if Im going straight through or pulse.

  7. 28lbs!! thats insane. what kind of gains are you keeping?
    gonna run an sd cycle straight thru 30 at 4 weeks..cant wait..id be more than happy with 15lbs

  8. So you were 6'3" at 200 and now you're 228?
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  9. Dude, what was your dosages?????

  10. pics, more info or I'm callin it troll

  11. I want details haha

  12. Obviously everyone wants details on that kind of gain if its true.

    Can someone tell me what a forum troll is? I see people mentioning that. Pardon the ignorance.

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  13. THIS
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  14. Yeah, 28lbs on a 6 week pulse sounds a little far fetched unless you were seriously malnutritioned before you started it?! Really, almost 5lbs per week all the way through?!

  15. i only gain 7-10lbs doing a 3 week cycle...

  16. Start of week 4, gained 10lbs. I'm eating pretty decent 3400 cals ed. I'm sure alot of you guys are totally out eating me.

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  17. your body doesn't like SD..unless your running SD like ones or twice a year maybe three times a year. And that sucks if thats all you get to cycle is that much so SD isn't that awesome...i dunno about anybody else but i would like to cycle much more than that so SD kinda sucks in that stand point.. see what im getting at?

  18. more than 3 times a year?? ****. i mean i cant deny doing a cycle is ****ing awesome..everything in moderation bro


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