M-drol and cardio

  1. M-drol and cardio

    looked around and havent found much. What is the safe threshold for cardio on m-drol. On average I do 1.5-2hrs split a.m./p.m. 5 days a week. just want to know if i will need to cut it back.

  2. I probably would cut it down a little, but completely depends on what your going for... bulk? tone?

  3. shin and calf pumps are a biatchhhh!...

  4. mdrol is going to most likely increase your blood pressure somewhat regardless of how much support you take. Can your body handle it? Probably, but the fat is gonna melt off with this compound easily, so one can tone it down most likely... easier on the joints also, my friend.

    You doing this to increase biking or running? If so, another compound like epi is probably more suited for your desired results.

  5. thanks for the responses. i will try to cut back some. im trying to bulk. i do this much for my work, in the event that i need it, and it pays off sometimes.



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