Newbie Here Needs Help. HDrol Cycle & PCT -

Newbie Here Needs Help. HDrol Cycle & PCT

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    Newbie Here Needs Help. HDrol Cycle & PCT

    Hey Guys - This is my first post but being a novice bodybuilder for the past 5 years I believe I have my diet, routine and knowledge to a point where I can utilize something alittle more potent for an edge in the gym. I realize that lately I have been working alot and school has been affecting my workouts so as it is now getting warmer out. I want to get my muscles back to where they were last year. I have the following in mind:

    1 cycle of HDROL: 4-6 weeks.

    I have: Hawthorne Berry
    Cycle Assist
    Milk Thistle
    Fish Oil
    Other Antioxidants.

    Now I am looking to get my PCT in order. I was going to buy Nolvadex.

    My questions are:
    1) Do I absolutely need to take Nolva?
    2) Is HDROL a good beginner PH?
    3) What should I do for my PCT cycle?

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    Bro, there are TONS of posts and logs with your EXACT some more research...

    Just do a google search on H-drol of the MANY sites you can use.
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    Ok I just finished my cycle of hdrol maybe I can help . First off If ur not over 21 u shouldn't be trying this.
    Hdrol was good but made me lazy but once I got to the gym it was straight focus . And most claim low lobido , mine was extremely high. I used multivitamins, cel cycle assist ( take 4 hours after taking hdrol) I took mine like this
    Week 1: 1 pill
    Week 2: 2 pills a day
    Week 3-4: 3 pills a day
    As for pct most will say to run novadex xt but I used a similar product just a lil cheaper called black dragon pct . Hdrol will also give u a good endurance and will help lose some fat too . Good luck and happy gaining !

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