Possible fake Havoc? PCT still?

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  1. I can't find any bad posts about his stuff but did send me his address in case I wanted to return with his full name I mean I would like to figure this out but he had beena member with good reviews on everything since 99

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mac_skillz View Post
    I can't find any bad posts about his stuff but did send me his address in case I wanted to return with his full name I mean I would like to figure this out but he had beena member with good reviews on everything since 99
    Did you review the context of his reviews? Is it something like A+ seller, fast shipping? Most eBay reviews do not really review the product, just the seller. So, if I sell you bunk Epi but ship it quickly I'll get good reviews.

  3. True but even on Google ppl would day right

  4. Or ppl would come back and give negative on ebay if fake .........any definitive way of telling when I get mine

  5. I don't know what you mean by Google. And as far as leaving feedback after the fact, you have to petition eBay to change your feedback after you leave feedback.

  6. By Google I mean I have been reading a lot about people on ebay that sold bunk stuff and ppl post their nlot me all over

  7. I've emailed him again. He's still waiting on his post cycle. Then I called him out on that and he said he just finished a different cycle and is waiting for his body to get back to normal. And then I said thats inconsistent so he's saying his wife just had a child and he's running crazy. Idk, honestly. His story is inconsistent and there is always a new excuse. He may be legit, but it seems like he's trying really hard to not be a liar.

  8. Damn well I appreciate all your help I'm supposed receive mine today or tomo so I'll let everyone know what's up fiat of the smell them tryone bottle and see if anything

  9. If you have access to a lab that will test it and not report it for being illegal you can always go that route.

  10. I don't think I have that available to me wish I did any other ways of telling

  11. Get blood tests before, half way through, and after cycle.

  12. Yea good point jus didnt know if it had a taste or nething else too its been about 4 yrs since I took it

  13. hey mac idk what happened to the other post how is ur cycle going

  14. Goin good still kicking in only on day 5 I'll keep you updated when it get further along

  15. any update, feel anything? I know that its still a lil early, but I'm gonna be starting mine tmrw and wanted to see if uv seen anything yet. I tried posting this on the another thread about a week ago but it got removed, so i edited it a little

    Just came across your guys conversation and I'm in the same same situation. Bought my stuff from the same place two weeks ago without even questioning authenticity based on his feedback. Iv ran havoc before with good results if i can remember correctly( was over 3 maybe 4 years ago). Luckily I still have some left from then, don't know if they are any good but ill prob still use them.

    To compare the two they are def different in a couple of ways- Bottle is slightly diff, font, label color and the caps are different(but i can not say for sure that the cap i had on the old one is the cap it came with) and my old bottle did have the white exp. sticker on the bottom. Also the picture that the seller uses is what my old one looks like not the one he sent me(its easy to tell by my how the "R" and the "P" look in RPN). As far as the pills go the casing is identical but the powder is not. Now i mind you that i am comparing to a 3+ year old bottle. For starters the powder in the new one is much more fine than the old and also has faint shiny specs in it. The taste and smell are also identical, hard to describe what they taste and smell like, i wouldn't say they taste bad, just not much of any taste to either one of them.

    I don't plan on starting my cycle till next week, but will def continue to follow this thread and will add anything i find out. I feel the same way as both of you about the legitimacy of this. Its hard to say if its real and its hard to say if its fake, as of now I'm leaning more toward that it is real(slightly). And i guess the only way to find out if it is real is by using it. Sucks that it usually takes around 2 and 3 weeks to start to kick in.

    And also to be fair when comparing, I really can't remember how my last cycle my old havoc went. It was my first ph i ran for cutting and all i remember was i did lose weight but as far as muscle/strength gain goes i have no clue. So i guess what i am trying to say is that I'm not sure if my old havoc was legit( if i can recall i bought it from a questionable source, and iv heard bad things from this source. The placebo affect can in some cases be a strong one.

    I am crossing my fingers that this is the real deal. Hope to hear some good news mac, as you are the first one of us to dig into it.

  16. I think legit since I start my cyclemy strength has went upa little but def have back pumps and feel different reallyexplain it but I don't think you have to worry I'm about mid way thru week 2 and I'm starting to see a I'll keep you updated

  17. okay so has anyone tried the havoc from this guy on ebay? cuz i may or may not have the same bottle, and may or may not be considering running it but none of you are confirming or denying if he is selling legit stuff.

  18. Just did the same ting corey did, bought the product with question authenticity due to positve reviews on delivery time, but agreeing with woody I dont really see any reeviews on the product themselves, only on the delivery time

  19. Idk I didnt.see many gains so I don't think it's good personally

  20. Damn, could have just been normal gains imo, i do feel sleepy after taking it........wondering if i should bother taking my PCT after........just bought another prohormone called 4 andro, at least that one will be better.

  21. Anyone else here tried to stuff from jongator?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by sokyute View Post
    Anyone else here tried to stuff from jongator?
    There is a old thread on this, nice guy, no results from the havoc though that many of us noticed.

  23. ****, so should I even bother doing my PCT?


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