what a good first cycle for a powerlifter

  1. what a good first cycle for a powerlifter

    hi iv done a cycle of dbol a few years ago and it was good for me but i was more of a bodybuilder then now I am strickly powerlifting and ill never turn back anyways i was just thinking of another cycle of d bol to start then maybe getting to some injections what should i look at for an injection i also here powerlifters dont use as much as a bodybuilder would

  2. Injection wise DECA!! Hahaha

  3. Trenbolone will make you strong as an ox. Run that with Testosterone Enanthate or Propionate.

    Also orals like Anadrol, Beastdrol (Superdrol), Dbol, are known for increasing strength significantly.

    Do you have a competition or something coming up to plan your cycle accordingly?

  4. no comp yet just working on my lift i just moved to another province so i dont really no where all the powerlifters are iv been trying to track some down to train with maybe get a hook up but i need some seriouse mass takes weight to move weight right now i am pretty much a beginner powerlifting for a year and a half my numbers arnt 2 good
    165 pounds to 169 depends how much i ate that day
    iv been eating real good my stomake is just bulging out i love it lol
    and my second question do powerlifters take less the bodybuilders i here of like a huge range of how much to take ill keep the dbol to about 30 no more

  5. What weight class do you want to compete in?

  6. I'd say dbol

  7. Test/Tren cycle will boost strength significantly. I'd suggest 500mg/week Test enth. and 50-100mg/day of Tren ace. Go easy on the tren if you have never used it before.. assess the sides, and increase your dose accordingly

  8. tren+test ftw and orals id go dien/superdrol bridge
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  9. If you're only at this stage of PL'ing, I'd focus more on your technique and your program before turning to AAS. PL'ing technique is vastly different from BB'ing.

    Also, geared or raw?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. my tecnique is ok for bench needs a bit of work pretty good at the squat and dead lift i have a lil problem with my squat i can feel i push a bit harder with my left leg the weights get up there i will be going with both gear and raw but i cant really get into the gear cuz i have no powerlifters to train with so i am going raw and ya my tecnique will suck with the gear since i have never use it well i had a loose fitting squat suit and breifs but if i will compete loose fit wont cut it so just raw for now i no when i find a meet ill get crushed but its just for the experiance and maybe find some guys to train with thanks for the input guys

  11. If your technique is bad, all you'll do is become stronger and set yourself up for injury. Technique is everything in PL'ing.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  12. Quote Originally Posted by chocolatemilk View Post
    Trenbolone will make you strong as an ox.
    Yea OP,Tren will make you strong as ****,youll look like this at first ,and at the end of the cycle..........
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