Webdango Get Shredded: Havoc/Katanadrol v2 Stack

  1. Webdango Get Shredded: Havoc/Katanadrol v2 Stack Cycle Log

    5 week cycle, goal: lose 5% bodyfat, keep as much muscle as I can.

    I'm 45, been lifting 30+ years. Ectomorph to the extreme - most I ever clocked in at was 198lbs. Currents weight: 180lbs, BF 13%.

    Last spring I competed in a powerlifting competition and made 1,000 pound total, and that with a 235 bench (elbow surgery a few years back). 181 weight class, (but I dropped 8 pounds ot make it)

    Injuries, both old and new, have pretty much taken me out of the heavy weight game. I used to live by the 4x5, squats, deadlifts and bench, but I can't take the poundage any more. So I'm doing a Time Under Tension (TUT) workout. As much weight as I can handle doing a minimum of 7 reps: 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down. If I get more than 7 reps, I go up the next workout. Full body 3 days a week, M/W/F. I've been doing the TUT for about 2 months. While I bet my strength has gone down, I haven't lost any size.

    The exercises (TUT weight/previous 5 rep max)

    Leg Press (200/used to squat 305 for 5)
    Bench Press (150/220)
    T-Bar/Seated Rows/Pull Downs (pick 1)
    Standing Military Press (65/145)
    Yates Row (135/205)
    Behind the Back Dip/Assisted Dips (pick 1)
    Bar curl (50/120)

    I show my previous 5 rep max to give you an didea of how much I was moving and how using a TUT requires a much lower weight.

    As for diet, I've been 75% strict on a slow carb, gonna ramp it up to 95%. Same thing every day. Over the last year, this diet (and the regular supps) have dropped me from 190+ pounds to 180, brought my cholesterol from 215 to 198, my HDL from 21 to 68, my LD from 170+ to 121. My Cholesterol/HDL ratio is under 3 now, putting me in the 1/2 normal risk category. Before I was a walking heart attack.

    1 pound meat (chicken or organic beef)
    1 can low sodium black beans
    1 medium red onion, sliced
    1 bag frozen veggies (either green beans or broccoli)

    Stir fry the meat in olive oil, toss in the rest, simmer for 2 minutes, remove from heat, let sit.

    And that's all I eat, 6 days a week, On day 7, I eat whatever the hell I want, but after eating so clean all week, I stick to the slow carbs 60% or more. Maybe a nice sammich or a burger.

    Supplementing with 45 grams protein shake in the morning and when I get home from work (20 grams caesin/25 whey). On workout days I add another 42 grams (myoplex RTD) after my workout.My shake is the two scoop, 8 ounces water, 1/2 banana, and i teaspoon olive oil.

    Regular Supps (every day all the time)
    2,400mg fish oil 2x day
    1,000mg niacin 1x day
    2,000iu Vitamin D3 2x day

    On cycle support (1 weeks load with LiverCare, cycle starts 2nd week)
    LiveCare 2x day (Days 1 - 63)
    Na-R-ALA 1x day (Days 8 - 17)
    Na-R-ALA 2x day (Days 18 - 42)
    LiverLonger 1x day (Days 8 - 17)
    LiverLonger 1x day (Days 18 - 42)

    Cycle (5 weeks)
    Havoc 2x day ( Days 8 - 32)
    Havoc 3x day ( Days 33- 42)
    Katanadrol 4x day (Days 8 - 32)
    Katanadrol 4x day (Days 33 - 42)

    PCT (3 weeks)
    Nolvadex 20mg (Days 43 - 54)
    Nolvadex 10mg (Days 55 - 63)
    Lean XTreme 3x day (Days 50 - 56)
    Lean XTreme 2x day (Days 57 - 63)
    Lean XTreme 1x day (Days 64 - 70)

    I have a bottle of Reversitol v2, not sure if I'll use that in PCT or not. Thoughts?

    Dosage lengths might look a little wonky, that's so I use all 90 Havoc and all 150 Katanadrol, and all the LiverLonger and Na-R-ALA (60 caps each).

    Before pic to come.

  2. I week in, haven't noticed much yet. Had a little bit of a back pump yesterday. Seem to fill a but more pumped generally. Don't take liver longer with water - take with a meal or a protein drink! nasty burps....

    20mg havoc/200mg katanadrol daily

    Starting weight 181
    Today's weight: 183

    left to right

    start, end of week 1
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