Sorry another H Drol cycle

  1. Sorry another H Drol cycle

    Hey so this is going to be my first cycle. I am 21 6ft 185lbs. I have been working out serious for 2 years and am ready to start my first cycle.

    Here is what my cycle is looking like

    week 1 Hawthorne berry and Milk Thistle
    week 2-6 H-drol at 50/50/50/75/75
    week 2-6 cycle assist, Hawthorne berry and Milk Thistle
    week 7-11 liquid Nolva at 20/20/10/10 with Milk Thistle, Activate Extreme, and Lean Extreme

    Any advice would be great.

  2. look pretty legit.

    you really only need to do 50 for the first week and run it for 6 weeks instead of 5

  3. thanx man I might just do that, I will start it out and see how the first week goes on 50 and then go from there.

  4. I'd run it 50 for the first week then 75 for the other 5 weeks. If you're going to invest the money and time into a cycle, make it worth it.

  5. ^agreed. i did an h-drol cycle last summer and was very happy at 75-100mg. good luck on your cycle bro



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