first time stack help please?

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    first time stack help please?

    im an athlete that plays baseball and currently still plays im about 170lbs and wouldnt mind to get up to about 180 maybe 185. this is my first time taking anything of this sort, i was recommended to take test prop(150mg) every other day with arimadex for 8 weeks and then clomide for a pct. would this be a good stack for me to gain size and strenght while also staying within my limits of target weight?

  2. No that much test is a good dose...u will gain far more then 10 pounds...dude your way to small for steroids do some research and get in the gym...170 to 180 could prob be done by altering the diet...get some

  3. Hes the best stack at your point! Carbs/Protein/Calories all stacked in one with some Creatine! If you want bigger gains start small with a ph! dont jump straight into AA'S not the best idea. Even though better for your liver. Still less of a half life So you dont gotta be stuck dealing with the sides for 2-14 days.

  4. Baseball season is about to start, are you going to be tested?
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    i agree that i may be somewhat young to start at the age of 20, i was originally 150 pounds at the beginning of july and worked my way up to 173 coming into january. that was my max weight and its like i couldnt gain anymore in strength or weight in most of my exercises. as of january i stayed at 173 and baseball season already started in january so its hard to keep the weight on. i would be starting my cycle in june when the season is over which means i have a year until i get tested, i felt that was the safe bet. what ph would anyone recommend if i decided not to do test?

  6. H-drol is a good first time p.h....but p.h.s can have a ton of side effects and may not be a good choice for a lot of people...u need to do a lot of research..good thing u don't want to start till june...research and I hope u make the right decision other wise u will end up like kenny and rudy hop on some stuff and 9 weeks later look like u did before u start...test and/or phs don't make 6 packs and they don't make u abodybulider...the right life style will do that...get done with baseball and in that time do your research and start things like a diet a strict training schedule...and make sure u change up your work out maybe look into bill starrs 5x5...I no u want to see results but steroids aren't the key training hard/smart eating right and being obsessed then adding in some hardcore supps that's what will do it

  7. P.s. Go fuk yourself...dude I bet you next shift you will be eating 7-11 sandwich


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