Alpha One- The final concensus?

  1. Alpha One- The final concensus?

    I've got a bottle of this stored around to possibly use sometime in the future, those of you who ran it what were your final thoughts?

    Weight Gain?
    Measurement Gain?
    Strength Gain?
    Recovery after PCT?

  2. when dosed appropriately, it seems to be a great compound.

    what that is, After the intitial release, i've stopped researching, so I cant remember, but shouldn't be hard to find where the sweet spot on dosing is.

  3. Very good product, High weight and strength gains, but can also be high on the sides and is pretty toxic. I forget the number it converts at, but it converts to M1T. I used it for 3 weeks and gained around 15lbs. Im on my 3rd week of pct and so far have kept about 10-12 pounds, but have dropped some fat/water and looks like i gained some muscle (Taking clomid and x-factor advanced)
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  4. 40-60mgs is the recommended dosages. If you check our subsection ,you should find some logs and feedback. This is not a compound that you would want to skimp on supporting supps or pct

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