fun stuff-- cycle talk

  1. fun stuff-- cycle talk

    currently am into my first week of my first ever cycle of anything.. including prohormones. i am 21 years old, and have been training for a total of bout 3 years, on and off. 11% bf. 5'6 163 pounds. my cycle consists of 2 pro-hormones. lionheart-vns extreme, and hmg-15 extreme. they are similar to halodrol and epistane. both hardening agents. im taking 40 mgs total daily from each prohormone. If you were curious they are both methylated compounds. But Also i am taking about 400 mg's of sus per week. very very weak, no doubt, gonna run that for 8 weeks and the p.h.'s for 4 weeks. my supporting supplements are: multivitamin,flax seed oil, ZMA, amino acids(especially glutamine), b-vitamins, glucosamine-chondroitin,MSM, 1500mg of vitamin C, and Omega 3's, along with vpx stealth, optimum casein, carb slam(waxy maize), and lean labrada breakfast packets, oh along with aps mesomorph and aps creatine nitrate, anabolic innovations:cycle support, 1500mg of milk thistle and liver aid, and 5000 iu's of vitamin d. ive also got on hand, clomid, nolvadex, and arimidex in case anything were to happen and for post cycle support. my training consists of fst-7,(for those of you who do not know about it, it is awesome stuff) and also, My diet is as follows:

    -8 egg whites
    -2 glasses of water
    -bowl of organic koshi cereal
    -25g casein shake

    Mid Breakfast:
    -meal replacement shake, lean labrada breakfast

    10 ounces of chicken breast
    3/4 cup of rice
    glass of water

    2nd lunch:
    -sweet potato
    -sirloin steak strips
    -tbs. flax seed oil or all-natural peanut butter.

    pre-workout meal:
    -brown rice
    -tilapia fillets
    -creatine nitrate
    -pre-workout mesomorph.

    -vpx stealth w/ cycle support, glutamine powder.

    Last meal of day:
    -6 ounces of chicken breast
    - zero to few carbs, cuz it's so close to bedtime, and i try to stay lean,
    -then an hour later, i have casein shake, followed by ZMA.

    *any help with this cycle would be excellent!!!!! i feel that it's a pretty decent cycle but i also am a newb. so to you veterans out there, please help me!

  2. Also, this is like my first 2 threads, so please, if i violated any rules about anything, please tell me quickly, so i don't get reprimanded. thanks guys

  3. good luck man! enjoy it and really focus on your pct. What pct protocol are you using?

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