MDIEN & M5AA...?

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    MDIEN & M5AA...?

    Hey guys, I already have some MDIEN and I will stack it with some question is since I am stacking both products what should I dose the MDIEN at? I know the normal dosing for MDIEN alone is now anywhere from 6-12 mgs a day. But I am stacking with the M5 so what is the best dosage for both?

  2. I am currently 1 week into a 2 week cycle of 6mg Mdien and 40mg of M5AA. No strength gains but visably leaner. No sides.

  3. Why are people stacking to methyls at one time? I am telling you right now know matter what compounds they are I personally would never do it. You only have 1 liver.........make the best of it.

  4. i'm doing 10mgs of mdien everyday .. i'm almost at week 3.. and i'm using 40mgs of m5aa preworkout.. no added weight but i'm losing some weight.. i guess replacing fat with muscle? i dunno.. it's alright i guess. i gotta get my diet right..

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