Gynecomastia scars! Horrible!

  1. Gynecomastia scars! Horrible!

    Alrite maybe it is just me...but i think my surgeon did a piece of sh*t job. This is 8 weeks post op....

    I'm definitely going to be going back to him and seeing if he can prescribe me something to lessen it. The tits are gone but now ive got huge scars...
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  2. What were you taking? How did it develop?

  3. they look very bad, but also thin and cut very properly. The only problem is these scars will completely dissapear but with quite a bit of time. Be patient

  4. What did you do or didn't do to get those awful bi*ch t*tz???

  5. Well i've had minor gyno my whole life since puberty. I took 5 decazol which is a designer steroid sold my complete nutrition. The brand is legal limit labs. The deca aggravated it pretty badly. I never got sensitivity or anything which was strange....just the breast development.

    I took a PCT with 5 decazol but...i still got bitch tits. They were even on both sides as far as proportion. And the doc removed 27g from my left and 29g from my right pec. He said it was definetly glandular with almost no fatty tissue.

    This goes to show that even with a PCT you can still have side effects from pro hormones!!! Don't make the same mistake.

    I talked to the surgeons nurse today and she said Vitamin E oil should make it almost disappear.

    For anyone considering this surgery...the surgeon must report it as a "Bilateral Breast Biopsy" NOT AS GYNECOMASTIA. This is how i got my insurance to cover 90% of the costs.

    Live and learn.

    Still think he did a ****ty job...

  6. I think the problem is you went to a general surgeon and not a plastic surgeon. This is why your insurance covered it. Had you gone to a plastic surgeon you would have paid!

  7. looks like they where a bit messy in the cut.
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  8. Chicks dig scars, no?

    Sorry, I'm trying to be positive. Just make sure that you take care of the scars properly, so as to help them heal up completely and look as best they can once they do.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mmawarrior View Post
    I think the problem is you went to a general surgeon and not a plastic surgeon. This is why your insurance covered it. Had you gone to a plastic surgeon you would have paid!

    Plastic surgeons always make an incision on or just outside the areola (nipple). General surgeons will almost always make medial and vertical incisions outside if the areola. Always use a plastic surgeon for something like this. Folks never ever use steroids it can cause man boobs. If you ever develop gynecomastia the only way to ever get rid of it is thru surgery. Save your dollar on those scams! They do NOT work! Remember glandular tissue needs to be excised and liposuction or extreme cardio will not faze that fatty tissue.

  10. Oh i forgot to mention go to walgreens and buy "scar away". They are patches with gel that will be of significant help to those scars. The scars medically really do not look that bad at all. Because of your pigment and the incision made by your surgeon the scars should soon be almost invisible. Good luck and take care of those scars!


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